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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Foundation Routine

Weightless Moisturizer: Powerful hydration in seconds. Breathable mist contains hygroscopic (water attracting) moisturizers that mimic your own skin's hydrating elements. Great for oily skin and t-zone. Non-greasy and absorbs in seconds.
No More Shine: Holds makeup and controls shine on oily and breakout prone skin and t-zone. Fewer touchups and less blotting.
10 Years Younger: Anti-aging for your makeup. Provides natural glow and hydrates to keep makeup from settling into lines and pores.

To purchase these setting spray. Please visit my website at
 search MOTIVES and you will find it.

It is important to use the best foundation for your face. You do not want your face to become all ugly as you are getting older and older. Your face is important!!..So make sure you are using the right products for your skin type/need. If you are unsure, you should consult with a beauty adviser before purchasing anything. Make sure that your foundation is the right shade for you. It is established that foundations you buy out there that are not customizable are made for mass population. Don't worry, that is not a problem..if your neck is darker than your face, you should always find a foundation that is the colour of your neck or a shade darker and vice versa..if your face is darker than your neck..find one that matches your face and blend down from jawline to your  neck. NEVER EVER go a shade lighter because you will look like you have a mask on and that will look funny and ugly. If you cannot find your exact shade, always only go a shade darker.
Moreover although this might be very vague but it will give you an idea of what skin type you might be:
1) sensitive -> delicate, crack
2) dry -> flaky, a little bit of breakouts
3) combination -> t-zone is oily, cheeks are a little dry
4) oily -> breakouts, sometimes a nice glow from the oil, look sweaty
5) dehydrated -> lack of water, flaky

When using liquid foundation, always sets it with a powder on top so you don't look oily throughout the day. The powder helps with oil blotting as well because your skin naturally produces oil throughout the day. If you are using good setting foundation, you will have a natural glow and flawless looking skin. This is what you want so make sure you are using the best foundation for your skin type/need! I have tried many different brands of foundation such as Clinique, Estee Lauder, MAC, Maybelline, and much  more..none of them were for me until I was introduced to Motives. I tried it and I fell inlove with it. I always get compliments on my foundation and skin whenever I go out. This is the only brand I use for my face now..I trust nothing else. Motives is a great line because it is oil free, anti-oxidant, mineral base. Some of the foundation it has such as the custom blend also includes vitamin A & E, hydrator, oil control, lift/firming, sunscreen, and moisturizer. The custom blend has different toner to be able to make adjustments to fit your skin shade and skin need such as redness or whatnot. However, the custom blend foundation is only available from Motives if you are interested and you are from Toronto..let me know because I can make arrangements for you! :)