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Friday, January 21, 2011

Natalie Portman Black Swan Inspired Look

This look is inspired by the movie Black Swan. I really wanted to watch the movie but I haven't had the chance to watch it yet due to my busy working schedule. Anyway, this was a requested tutorial and I was a bit hesitant to do it because I have never ever done any costume makeup before as you can see when you visit my YouTube channel. I was scared and nervous of how this look will turn out but I guess it wasn't too bad afterall. This look would be perfect to wear out for Halloween! ;) I think it was a taddddddd bit scary still. 
It was not hard to achieve. I simply used the lightest foundation I have for my face since Natalie Portman in the movie was very pale. I took any liquid eyeliner to outline the shape of the wings around my eyes and then I coloured it  in with black gel pot liner. After, I used any black eyeshadow and simply pat it on top of my gel liner to set it so it becomes more matte. Then I used a white eye pencil liner to draw lines to define the feathery like wings and to also line my waterline. Last but not least for the eyes..I included glitters because I believe it create a more flattering look. 
For the lips, I used plum colour lip liner to line my lips, I used black eye pencil to create a shadow and then again I used a plum colour lipstick from Clarins #717 to go over the middle part of my lips.
Contouring for this look was very important because you have to contour at the right place of your face. You want to create a shadow that looks like your face is sunked in. 
I am not sure if I was clear at my explanation from everything I just wrote above so I have included a video to make it easier for you guys to be able to achieve! :) Enjoy and Toodles my dear!