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Thursday, October 4, 2012


Hello everyone! It has definitely been a long time since I ever posted on this blog since I stopped youtube. I just want to notify you guys that I recently created a fresh brand new blog. Please follow that one instead-- link is locate below.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Accesstories Review

Anna is a very talented individual. I give her credit for being so patient with me and being so excited to watch my videos. I envy Anna at such a young age how she established her own online business. Every pair of earrings or necklaces that are on her site was all hand/homemade. She is truly someone who I admire to be one day because I also want to be a entrepreneur myself.
Her website of her online store is and you can also contact her at . She replies to her messages really fast! Any questions or requests, you can always contact her and she will try her best to see what she can do for you. Her products are inexpensive and it is also fast shipping! You will find many great deals on the site as for you will be purchasing beautiful pieces of accessories at a very low cost. Please check it out and in additional to this, I have attached a video to show you some of the pieces that she sent me. Enjoy!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Soft Smokey Eyes

I created this look because I wanted to make use of the Lancome eyeshadow palette that I got for my gift with purchase. The shades from this palette comes out quite sheer which I really like because it is a dramatic look yet it is soft. It is great to wear if you are not comfortable with wearing dark eyeshadow. Those of you who would love this to be more pigmented, you can always wear a cream shadow underneath first and that way..for sure the shadows will come out very pigmented and will last for the whole entire day without a problem. Moreover, I have attached a tutorial to show you guys how I achieved this look. Hope you enjoy it!

Products Used:
- motives eye base
- l'oreal telescopic waterproof black eyeliner
- motives luxtrafy mascara
- anna sui long lash & volume mascara
- mac shroom, mylar, carbon shadows
- lancome palette
- anna sui waterproof black eye pencil crayon
- nyx jumbo milk pencil
- mac brun shadow
- rimmel brown eyebrow pencil
False Lashes:
- ardel fashion lashes 105
- anna sui double colour 01
- lancome love it cream lipstick

Monday, February 28, 2011

Bronze Eyes Pin-up Look

This bronze eyes pin-up look is definitely glamorous and absolutely easy to achieve! Very stunning and fun at the same time :). This was a requested look from a few of my subscribers and I finally got it done. I hope you guys will enjoy the tutorial that I have attached below and have fun wearing this. It is great for parties or special night outs! Lip colour can always be was just one option and I only used it because I believe red compliment bronze look most! Good luck! :)

Products Used:
- motives eye base
- l'oreal telescopic liquid eyeliner
- motives luxtrafy mascara
- sephora eyeshadow palette
- motives pearl eyeshadow
- anna sui long lash & volume mascara
False lashes:
- Ardell fashion lashes 120
- sephora palette orange peach colour
- MAC brick lip pencil
- clarins 704

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Buyexclusive Circle Lenses Review

These super pink circle lenses are so pretty! They are really comfortable and long lasting. I wore them for the whole entire day and it did not irritate my eyes at all. Super pink circle lenses are super dolly looking for those of you who loves dolly eyes. Make sure to watch my "big and bright dolly eyes" tutorial on my youtube to create that dramatic dolly eye look for yourself!  A free single lens case came with these circle lenses and prescription for them are also available. These lenses are huge so they will definitely make your eyes look a lot bigger if you have small eyes like myself. This is not the only pink pair that has available. There are a lot of other pink circle lenses to choose from!

These misty gray circle lenses are very soft and natural looking. It barely look like you are wearing anything because it only has a hint of colour but definitely are very dolly looking and will enlarge your eyes a lot more. The enlargement is very noticeable if you have small eyes like me. A free single lens case also came along with these misty gray circle lenses. Speaking of which, they are super duper cute cases! Moreover, these misty gray circle lenses will definitely look great with smokey dolly eye makeup and as well they are long lasting and very comfortable to wear. Prescription is also available for these contacts. These are not the only gray pair that has available. There are a lot of other gray pairs with other designs and style.

This site is simply an online shopping site for circle lenses. It is a very well organized site with fast shipping and trustworthy service. The site has a variety of different colours, designs, and style circle lenses for you to choose from and prescription for the circle lenses are also available. For each pair of lenses you purchase, you will also receive a single lens case absolutely free! Definitely worthwhile to check it out and I do recommend it to all of you who loves what I wear on my eyes!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Birthday Contest!!

It is the time of the year again! I am getting oldddddd :( *whompp! So I have decided to host a contest for you guys just to show appreciation of how much you guys mean to me. I recently got partnership with YouTube and I am extremely happy for that. Thank you for all your support and love. Your energy towards me motivates me more and more each day to improve myself on everything I do. Thank you all for that! I love you <3! Anyway, enough of my gibberish..I am sure you are all wondering what this contest is all about! So here are the details..  

  1. must subscribe to current channel (LMTbeauty)
  2. must subscribe to second channel (LMTbeautyTV)
  3. must follow my beauty blog
  4. must comment below this video on youtube
  5. must be a video response to this video on youtube
  6. must be 18+, otherwise parents must email me with permission to my email address which is
  1. less than 10 minutes tutorial
  2. easy to follow step by step
  3. must compliment the dress i will be wearing
  4. due date Feb 28th, 2011
So..I think this is about it for the contest. Very easy and fun! Any other questions, please feel free to ask. Good luck with this because whoever create the look that I like the most and would wear for my birthday and most importantly..followed all my instructions will be the winner!! :)

Monday, January 31, 2011

My Signature Look (BLACKOUT)

This look will always be my favourite look. I wear this look very often and this is why I called this my signature look. It never gets old to me. Whenever I wear it and wherever I go with it, I always get compliments whether it was from a male or female. They will always tell me how I have really nice eyes and that they can't stop looking at it. It is the first thing they ever notice. Personally, I believe that eyes are very important features -- you want your pretty eyes to stand out; you are in a different world when you look at them. This look isn't hard to achieve at all. Very simple. It only consist of the colour black and a little bit of white. I just wanted to share with you my secret on how to really achieve this gorgeous dramatic smokey eye look that I love. It is very flattering! Have fun wearing it and goodluck! :)

Products Used:
- motives eye base
- l'oreal telescopic waterproof black liquid liner
- motives luxtrafy mascara
- mac shroom, carbon, mylar eyeshadows
- motives pearl, onyx eyeshadows
- motives white pencil eyeliner
- motives automatic black pencil crayon
- nyx jumbo milk pencil
- anna sui long lash, volumized mascara
- mac viva glam lady gaga
- sephora limited edition palette soft pink blush