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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Buyexclusive Circle Lenses Review

These super pink circle lenses are so pretty! They are really comfortable and long lasting. I wore them for the whole entire day and it did not irritate my eyes at all. Super pink circle lenses are super dolly looking for those of you who loves dolly eyes. Make sure to watch my "big and bright dolly eyes" tutorial on my youtube to create that dramatic dolly eye look for yourself!  A free single lens case came with these circle lenses and prescription for them are also available. These lenses are huge so they will definitely make your eyes look a lot bigger if you have small eyes like myself. This is not the only pink pair that has available. There are a lot of other pink circle lenses to choose from!

These misty gray circle lenses are very soft and natural looking. It barely look like you are wearing anything because it only has a hint of colour but definitely are very dolly looking and will enlarge your eyes a lot more. The enlargement is very noticeable if you have small eyes like me. A free single lens case also came along with these misty gray circle lenses. Speaking of which, they are super duper cute cases! Moreover, these misty gray circle lenses will definitely look great with smokey dolly eye makeup and as well they are long lasting and very comfortable to wear. Prescription is also available for these contacts. These are not the only gray pair that has available. There are a lot of other gray pairs with other designs and style.

This site is simply an online shopping site for circle lenses. It is a very well organized site with fast shipping and trustworthy service. The site has a variety of different colours, designs, and style circle lenses for you to choose from and prescription for the circle lenses are also available. For each pair of lenses you purchase, you will also receive a single lens case absolutely free! Definitely worthwhile to check it out and I do recommend it to all of you who loves what I wear on my eyes!